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I have been busy. Like REALLY busy. If you have been to our shop page  you might have noticed a new-ish category: Greeting Cards. When we first added it this past summer it had 4 cards in it. Well, actually 1 card in 4 different colors, but saying I had 4 cards makes me feel more accomplished. However, I didn't really feel satisfied with 1 card in 4 colors, so I've been working really hard on developing new cards over the last few months. It's been pretty amazing working random little half-ideas sketched in corners of notebooks into fully realized and printed greeting cards, and has taken much longer than I expected! BUT. . . my first batch is READY!!!! We have more in the shop, but here are some of my newest & favorites:

I'm Sweet on You Greeting Card  |  Lori Danelle Wish for Something Crazy Greeting Card  |  Lori Danelle You are my Sunshine  |  Lori Danelle Thanks for Being Lovely Greeting Card  |  Lori Danelle Let's Eat Cake Greeting Card  |  Lori Danelle Congrats Greeting Card  |  Lori Danelle

If you're interested in seeing some progress photos, be sure to follow my Instagram feed (@LoriDanelle) as well. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I loved making them!

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