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Have you ever heard of Bell Buckle, Tennessee?

Don't worry, I've lived in Nashville for over 10 years and just heard about it. But, before I continue, why BELL Buckle? I say Bell Buckle, but think Belt Buckle — so why not just name the town Belt Buckle??? What is a bell buckle anyway??? OK, weird name, wonderfully awesome cute town. I think it's made the list of places we could move to. But that's a ways out, so we'll see.


Moving there could be quite dangerous to my wallet and my waistline though. It's a very small town, that has done a great job of keeping themselves appealing to visitors by staying small and having some AWESOME antique stores. And the Bell Buckle Cafe.


While being surrounded by store-after-store of antiques was wonderful, the highlight of my day might have been the chicken fried steak. I'm a country girl at heart. I can't help it. However, I think the Sisters would argue that ice cream from Bluebird Antiques & Ice Cream Parlor was even better.




Apparently quite a few artists live in Bell Buckle, including a mosaic artist, who provided this crazy crustacean for kids to climb on in the nearby town park.


We came home with a good haul, too. I got a globe to go on top of my new lockers. I'll have pictures of what I did with those soon!



I have no idea how much people pay for soda crates elsewhere, but here in Nashville they tend to run $30+ easy. So when I found these RC crates for $12 each — I bought them all. The blue jars will be added to my collection above our kitchen cabinets.


I do love living in Tennessee!! Such a fun day, we'll definitely be going back! xoxo Lori Danelle


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[…] working on decorating, etc. around them, but I did pick up a globe while on our trip to Bell Buckle especially for the top of the lockers. It makes me […]

May 27, 2015

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