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Not sure if I've gotten lazy, given up, realized that parties aren't made more fun by a perfectly coordinating party theme and favors, or a combination of the three. I'm going to go with the latter.


Big Sister's birthday party was this weekend, and though my first inclination when she settled onto a My Little Pony theme for her party was to run to Pinterest and start implementing a board-full of ideas — that my friend had happened to already put together for her own daughter's party — but when it came down to it, I did nothing but a cute invitation (which I texted out to friends) and a cake.


In the week leading up to the party, I think Mr. Maker & my Mom were a little concerned that I'd change my unprecedented, laid-back approach at the last minute & have a night-before-the-party freak-out.


But, I didn't. And you know, the party was still a ton of fun — even without decorations.


We had all the families of Big's friends over, served build-your-own nachos with Mr. Maker's pulled pork, and all hung out while the kids all played.


She requested a rainbow cake again, but specifically asked that I put the colors in order this year. ;) Last year I got impatient and started compiling the layers before they were all done baking, and since I hadn't baked them in order, I put them together out of order as well. Oops.


But I do think a rainbow cake fit in perfectly with the MLP theme. Lucky me. Plus! I'm getting really good at rainbow cakes. Ha!


In the end, I think it's fun to plan and make cute party decorations and favors. . . but only if I really have time. If I don't have time, then those cute party decorations and favors become stressful and do nothing to serve the overall happiness of me & my family. Something I'm trying to keep in mind with all my projects, but particularly need reminding come party time. It's about the people and relationships — not about the Pinterest worthy decor. ;)  (But that cake is pretty pin-able. . . don't you think???)

xoxo Lori Danelle


lacey poag:

I came to your blog from Meg’s blog and am so glad I did:)
Such a fun party!
will you pretty please tell me where to get your great, colorful curtains?

May 27, 2015


My daughter is nearly 13 and has had a couple of MLP parties. Maybe 3! We have done elaborate and simple and I think the simple is the best. We did a rainbow cake one year with her cousins and it was such fun! I love the aqua colored icing on yours and I’m sure it’s a tribute to Rainbow Dash which is my daughter’s favorite! Great job not freaking out!

May 27, 2015

Ann Merry:

It is very refreshing to read about a party that does not involve hundreds of dollars spent on fancy decorations, etc. My granddaughters have been to parties where there are 20 children invited…so many gifts that the birthday girl probably has no idea after the party as to who gave what. I think those types of parties are very overwhelming! Nice to hear about a more simple, and most likely more fun party :)

May 27, 2015


Shoes off? That was easy! Host the party on a rainy day!! :)

May 27, 2015


Cute! I would like a post on how you get everyone to take their shoes off!! :)

May 27, 2015


Thanks! The fonts I used were Ribbon & NeoRetroFill

May 27, 2015



Nice job! I really like it!

Can you tell me:
What’s the name of the font that you used in the Invitations?
I’m trying to do my sister’s birthday cards

Thank you!

May 27, 2015

Apple-tastic Birthday Party! | Lori Danelle: Maker of Things:

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May 27, 2015


Ack! I just discovered your blog and love it! And even better – I have a Charlie girl as well (who just turned six!). Small world. :)

May 27, 2015


Lacey, Thanks for stopping by! As with most things in my house, I made the curtains. The fabric is Waverly’s Santa Maria in Desert Flower — I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They include all of my favorite colors.

May 27, 2015

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