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My daughter is an artist. At nearly 6-years-old, she can't walk past a blank spot on a drawing hanging on the refrigerator without stopping to add more, right there on the refrigerator door. Her bed is surrounded with little sheets of paper covered in sketches of dogs, houses, her friends, family and rainbows. 

The other day when we made new sheets for the Barbie bed — we had to draw it when we were done. I've always thought being the daughter of an artist made her pretty lucky. She sees me drawing, turning old things into new things, sewing and cutting paper all the time. But I've recently begun to realize that while watching is great, I need to be much more intentional in teaching her more about what she is so obviously passionate about.

Plus, I really, really, really want to create an environment for both the girls where they can experiment with paint and color and different techniques confidently, without feeling ashamed of mistakes or the learning process. And since I always have these grand intentions that end up overwhelming me in trying to plan out and execute them — I bought a book.


On my way home from work yesterday, I stopped and purchased  Art Lab for Kids by Susan Schwake, and 2 sketch books. Art Lab is full of 52 weekly lessons that introduce creating fine art to kids. All I have to do is follow along and make sure I have the right supplies on hand! I think I can do this!! I'll definitely be sharing what we work on each week, so be looking for that coming up. I gave the girls their sketch books this evening. In the 2 hours that Big has had hers she's already filled up every inch of 10 pages, drawing everything she could see while sitting at the kitchen table and even grabbing a few things from the fridge, worked on perfecting her sketch of a dog, and so much more.



Hopefully she'll allow me to share some of her sketchbook with you! Obviously, I'll share the artwork we do, but there's some private about a sketchbook and I want her to know I respect that, especially at 6-years-old. xoxo Lori Danelle

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