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Though I grew up participating in art classes & private art lessons, then graduated from a College of Art & Design I somehow missed out on what many would call "the basics." For example: I've done a fair share of painting and even took 2 painting classes in college, yet somehow I've never touch oil paint. I know all about letterpress, but have never tried screen printing — though I was supposed to take a printing class where I assume I would have tried it, but had to drop when I found myself pregnant, due to the chemicals I'd be exposed to. And though I love working with colored pencils, I've never used anything other than what you can purchase at Walmart.



And even though my pencils may have only been Crayola and Kodak brand, I was pretty attached to them: The summer after graduation, a guy I worked with made me cry by hiding them from me. Presumably he was trying to tease/flirt with me, but he obviously didn't "get" me. Recently, I found my college coloring book — that only I am allowed to color in — and shared it with Mr. Maker.



As he has an interior designer Mom & had his share of high school art classes, he was shocked to hear that I had never touched a pencil with a higher quality than Crayola. And, within a week, I was the proud owner of 132 Prismacolor pencils, complete with a fancy-schmancy tin & organization trays. Thank you Hobby Lobby and the 40% off coupon! (Although I'm scheming on how to get them out of their tin & trays. Much too limiting!)



Do you see all of those beautiful colors?? I'm in rainbow heaven.


One night soon after I had purchased them, Mr. Maker found me using them on my Winnie-the-Pooh coloring book. Him:  "Are you using $200 colored pencils on a Winnie-the-Pooh coloring book!!?!!" Me: "Well, remember, I did have that coupon, and I need to practice. . . "

Yeah. I'll stick with that.

This past weekend I moved on to subject matters much more sophisticated.

LoriDanelle_ColoredPencils_4Yup. A Penguin on a Rainbow.

A few weeks ago Little told me that if she ever sees a falling star ( I guess bed time comes too early?) she's going to wish for a penguin on a rainbow. I decided that was much too wonderful of a wish to hinge upon her bedtime schedule and a short-lived trail of light that she may or may not see depending on the direction she's looking.

I forgot how much I love working with colored pencils! What should I color next?

xoxo Lori Danelle


Sandi Seals:

i can relate. I gave to make myself keep my prism pencils separate from my inexpensive pencils…. Because I still use them on my coloring books. Love the new coloring books for grown ups.

Jun 28, 2015


I was just going thru my art bin and I have so many different types of colored pencils it’s crazy! Kodak brand, Rose Art and of course I know the feeling you had with the Prismacolor cause I felt the same when I graduated up to them. I have a HUGE collection of these myself. As I don’t draw any more I just don’t have it in me to get rid of them.

May 27, 2015


I have a similar Prismacolor set! It’s amazinnnggg! :)

May 27, 2015

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