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Did you know you can make butter?? I know, I know. They used to make butter, but to be honest, while I knew about butter churns, what happened inside the butter churn was always a bit vague and mysterious — and whatever it was, it was most definitely laborious and took ALL DAY. Turns out, it actually only takes about 10 minutes — especially when using a mixer — and is strangely satisfying and fun. :) Something about knowing that you can make a thing and don't have to buy it at the store. Self-reliance. Plus, our grocery store was running a sale where the heavy whipping cream was only  $.50, so we made about a pound of butter for $1! Score! (Next Mr. Maker will be wanting to get dairy cows so we don't have to get the cream from the store. . .)



INGREDIENTS:  Cream Yup. That's it. Whatever amount you want. Pour the cream into the mixer (or blender or food processor would work too if you don't have a mixer) and turn it on using the whisk attachment. As it starts to thicken, you can speed the mixer up, just be careful to not make a mess! ;)


After a few minutes, your cream will get light & fluffy. Congratulations! You've just made whip cream! But for butter, keep going.


After a few more minutes the cream will start to separate into butter and buttermilk. (You might want to slow the mixer down a bit now so you don't slop buttermilk all over the kitchen.) Once it's fairly solid, pour out the buttermilk into a separate container, using a spoon to press out as much of the liquid as you can.


Technically, you could call your butter done as this point, but in order to make it last longer & keep it from getting a sour smell, you'll want to rinse the butter with ice water.


Pour some ice water over the butter and kneed it a little with the mixer. The water will turn a bit cloudy. Go ahead and pour it out and repeat a few more times until the water gets fairly clear.


Now you have butter! Or you can start embellishing. Which ever you prefer. Salt. Fresh herbs. But definitely you'll need a slice of fresh bread. Definitely. Just sayin'.


It will last a week or so well wrapped in your fridge. And as a bonus, you can make buttermilk pancakes with the left over milk! Absolutely a win, win in my books! But best of all, you now know how to make butter! See? Strangely satisfying. :) Enjoy!! xoxo Lori Danelle


Mandy Wilson:

I finally got around to trying this today and I can’t believe I actually made butter! This was so easy, I will definitely be sharing with friends. Thanks so much! Keep the great ideas and great recipes coming!

May 27, 2015

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