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We just got back from visiting my family for Christmas in my hometown of Newton, Kansas. Now I know what you're thinking, but trust me, while Kansas, and Newton in particular, may not be the tourist hot spot — unless you're visiting Meg at the Craft House — it is a pretty great place to grow up!


One of my favorite things about taking my girls & Nate back home is to introduce them to people and places that were special in my childhood. Druber's Donuts is definitely special.


They open at about 11:30 pm most nights and the there's a line by 11:31. All through the night high school and college students hang out with their friends, play cards and board games, and on occasion, study. Early mornings bring in the senior crowd as they too gather in groups to chat and reminisce. By mid-morning stay-at-home moms have their kids happily munching on donuts while they mingle with their other stay-at-home friends. You rarely can make it in and out without running into someone you know. It's perfect.


LoriDanelle_DrubersDonuts_12 One summer, while home from college, I visited Druber's almost every night with a group of friends. We lovingly refer to that summer as The Summer of Donuts — though I don't feel so loving toward the pooch-y stomach I acquired that summer.


In my opinion, the only donut that they need to make is the Peanut Butter Knot. However, when I took my family, they were not aware of this and ordered other things. :) Oh well, they seemed to enjoy their choices.

LoriDanelle_DrubersDonuts_06 LoriDanelle_DrubersDonuts_07 LoriDanelle_DrubersDonuts_08

My best friend, who also partook of The Summer of Donuts, moved to Tennessee around the same time I did. We were going to pass through Memphis, where she lives on our way to Nashville and it had been about 10 years since she had the pleasure of a Druber's donut. So I decided that the only logical thing to do was to take a box of peanut butter knots to her. She did just have a baby a few days ago, after all. Absolute must.

LoriDanelle_DrubersDonuts_05 So, on New Year's morning, with a lot of moral support from another friend to keep me from eating them myself. Katie woke up to a box of donuts on her doorstep. It was 2:30 am when we got to her house, and for some reason wouldn't answer my texts. (kidding.)


The morning marked my one-year old niece's first visit to the donut shop. However she's lucky. She lives close and chubby rolls look cute on babies. xoxo Lori Danelle



love seeing good ’ol drubers on your blog. i worked at the kansan, across the street for 3 years and my waistline did not favor from that. :) but we love being able to share these memories with our kids as well. they are huge fans of drubers already!

May 27, 2015


what a treat. I bet you have great accents, i am from the UK so it was nice to browse your photos of your home town.

May 27, 2015

Sara Meisinger:

Drubers was on my TO DO list over Christmas. Wanted to take the boys late at night because there’s little chance of getting to Newton that early and before my favorites are gone! Sickness kept us home—maybe over Spring Break? There are no donuts like Drubers. Thanks for sharing. I think I gained a pound just looking at your pictures!

May 27, 2015


The. Best. Donuts. in the world. We always go AT LEAST once every time we are home. Mmm. Top 3: fresh glazed (melts in your mouth!), peanut butter, chocolate long john

May 27, 2015

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