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Our family is a little bit odd. We grill all year round — it's healthy, gives great flavor to meat, & is so easy — so to say "summer is for grilling, isn't exactly a true statement at our house. However, there are some things about summer grilling that are different than the rest of the year. Namely: Corn on the cob. Come summer, we eat a lot of corn on the cob. ChipotleCorn_LoriDanelle_05.2012_01 I love everything about corn on the cob. There's something about shucking corn that just makes me happy. And I love it when the corn gets just a tad charred when cooked on the grill. That's when it's perfect. Top it off with some butter and I'm in heaven. ChipotleCorn_LoriDanelle_05.2012_02 But you know what makes Corn on the Cob to die for? ChipotleCorn_LoriDanelle_05.2012_03 Chipotle Butter. Believe me. You've got to try this. 1/2 cup salter butter, at room temperature 1 Tablespoon pure chipotle powder Juice of 1/2 lemon Mix the chipotle powder & the lemon juice in a bowl. Add in the butter & mix with a fork. ChipotleCorn_LoriDanelle_05.2012_04 That's it. Seriously. Pull this recipe out at your next BBQ, slather the chipotle butter on your corn & I promise everyone will think you hung the moon. It's that good.
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Lori Danelle:

I’m always surprised more people don’t grill more often. It’s so easy! Marinate the meat, but extra in the freezer & just pull it out when needed and put it on the grill. Love it.

May 27, 2015

Nina Designs:

Mmmm….those look seriously mouthwatering!

May 27, 2015


then consider my family odd as well cause grilling happens year around over here. my daughter loves corn and we have it on weekly basis. this chipotle recipe does look incredible, i’ll have to give it a try ;)

May 27, 2015

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