{DIY} Camera Strap Cover November 09, 2010 10:10 11 Comments

As is the case with most of you I assume, I LOVE to take pictures. However, the plain black camera strap that came with my camera really doesn't suit my personal style. There are some really great camera strap covers out there, such as Shey B, but while I wish I was since I fully believe in supporting small businesses, and especially believe in supporting handmade, I'm just not in a place where I can spend money on things like that. So, I decided to make my own. If you find yourself in a similar boat, or just prefer to do things yourself, follow along! I made my cover very simple. Thought I should stick with the basics for the first one & perhaps embellish a bit later on. But one thing I knew I HAD to have was a pocket for my lens cap. I'm ALWAYS loosing it. So the first thing I needed to do was find out how wide my largest lens cap is. Mine measured in at about 2.5", so that was how wide I needed to make the finished size of my strap cover, even though my camera strap isn't that wide. If your lens cap is less wide than your strap, use the strap to get your finished width. CRW_0566 I then cut out my fabric for the outside of the cover & the pocket. The width of the piece you cut out will be: (width of camera lens) + (2 seam allowances @ .5" each [1" total]) For me, that was: 2.5" + 1" = 3.5" The formula for the length is similar: (length of the strap you want to cover) + (2 seam allowances @ .5" each [1" total]) For me, that was: 23" + 1" = 24" Which gave me a total of 3.5" x 24"  (cut 2) For the pocket, since a camera lens is round, I was able to just use the width measurement and make a square: 3.5" x 3.5" (cut 1) CRW_0567 Zig-zag, or serge the top & bottom of your square. Fold the square for your pocket over .5" on one of the serged sides, pinning in place. Sew about 3/8" from the folded side. CRW_0568 On the wrong side of your pocket fabric, draw a line with a fabric pen . 5" away from the opposite serged edge. With the fabric right sides together, place your pocket so that the line you just drew is 2.75" away from the end of the larger fabric. Pin in place and sew, using the line as your guide. CRW_0570 Fold the pocket fabric so that the right side of it and the strap fabric are both showing. Iron. Pin the pocket to the strap fabric on both sides. CRW_0571 Baste in place by sewing about 1/4" from the edges on both sides. CRW_0572 With right sides together, place the other piece of outer fabric on top, making sure to match up all the sides. Pin 1 side in place. Sew that seam up using a .5" seam allowance. CRW_0573 For the contrasting inside fabric, the easiest way to know how big to cut it, is to measure what you have to far, opened up. For me, this was: 6" x 24" (cut 1) If you want the formula, it is: (width of lens cap x 2) + (2 seam allowances @ .5" each [1" total]) (2.5" x 2) + 1 = 6" Length is figured the same way as before. CRW_0578 Place the 2 pieces right-sides-together and pin in place along the top and bottom edges (the short edges). Sew .5" away from the unfinished edge on each side. CRW_0580 Flip the fabric so that the wrong sides are now together and iron the folded edges. Sew a top-stitch about 1/4" from the folded edge on each end to secure. CRW_0581 To make sure the inside fabric stays in place, top-stitch 1/8" to 1/4" away from the long, center seam on your outside fabric. CRW_0582 Fold the strap cover so that your outside fabric is in the middle. Pin in place & sew using a .5" seam allowance Finish the raw edge by either zig-zagging or using a serger. CRW_0583 Turn the cover right-side-out. CRW_0584 Iron flat and your ready to slip your camera strap inside! CRW_0585 And now that you have the basics, feel free to embellish with ruffles, buttons and any manner of fun fabric! CRW_0587 CRW_0588 Hope you enjoy!! xoxo Lori Danelle