Big & Little's Bedroom Tour

Another thing that was great about our "stay-cation" was that I got to finish up a few projects I'd been sitting on—all of them for the Sisters' room! So now I declare the room done-ish!!! (I think that's the closest it will ever get. I'm never really done with anything. . .)

First off though, let me thank all of you for the sweet comments and attention because of the pallet beds! It's really fun when something I've made and love is appreciated by others as well!  


Gotta tell you. I LOVE this room.

It's been a work in progress for the last couple of years, and we took a few risks, but I am so pleased with how everything has come together!

The walls are painted in Bird's Egg (benjamin moore paint) which I first saw years ago in a room that Domino magazine featured. I instantly fell in love with it and kept it in my file until the right moment.

The funny thing about my falling in love with this color is that the idea of blue walls make me nervous. No idea why. But they do. I think there's a very mundane, boring blue out there that I'm afraid every blue will wind up looking like.

Also, I don't do light colors. 

White scares me. I'm afraid it will look too clinical or cold. Light colors are just a step away. The year before I got married, I painted my bedroom this lovely, silvery, lavender color. I couldn't stand it. So I traded it in for a very vibrant, in-your-face magenta. It was perfect. I embrace bold, funky color. Neutrals freak me out.

Those magazines where they talk about taking a risk and experimenting with color. . .I have no idea what they're talking about!! But I think I'm coming around. I just painted my kitchen white & love it. I also have plans for my currently peacock blue (the blue was a risk too, but I ended up liking it) living room to try on a stone color. This is my practice house after all!!

Anyway! More of the room!!!


The kitchenette was built by my cousin for the girls and the table and chairs set belonged to my Mom and then me before it made it's way up here.


The only thing that makes me truly unhappy about this room is that ugly air conditioner!!! Absolutely necessary as I prefer not to cook my girls in their sleep in their attic bedroom, but so unattractive! Anyone have or seen ideas on how to cover it while keeping it effective? I haven't come up with anything, obviously!


The dark brown rocking chair was mine as a little girl as well and now belongs to Big.  YiaYia (my Mom) bought Little one for her birthday so she would have one, too.


Cute bunting I made using scraps from the Sisters' quilts and each of their letters which I spray painted. I may do more to them at some point, but right now I like the solid color in that corner of bright, bold & busy patterns. 

I bought these 3 little bird houses at JoAnn's for $1, $1 and $.25!!!! A little spray paint until I decide to get a little more creative . . . if I decide to—again, I'm really liking the solid color. Cheap, easy and extremely cute!!


We bought that little house pillow on our vacation last summer in Eureka Springs, AR at the cutest little shop called Wilson & Wilson folkart co.  Easily could spend a lot of money in that shop! Wait, we did! But it's a good thing it takes 9-ish hours to get to their brick & mortar store! I do better maintaining my composure online than when I'm standing in the middle of it!

I want to make lots and lots of those little houses. A little house pillow village!

When it gets time to move, I'm really going to miss this room! Nate keeps saying that it can be reproduced, so I'm crossing my fingers! Plus, when we do move, I've got this great cast-iron bathtub couch back home that was my Mom's and would look AMAZING in this room! I'd have it up there already, but those old attic room stairs are incredibly steep and that bathtub is HEAVY. Plus, the doorway leading up there only has about 24" clearance and I don't think it would fit!! But as soon as I live somewhere where it will go through the door, it will take a trip from KS to TN!!! :)

xoxo Lori Danelle

Toddler Pallet Bed – Take 2

You've waited long enough, right? The suspense has been properly drawn out and all that super tactical stuff??

OK, Good. Because I want to show you Big Sister's toddler bed!!

I hope you love it as much as the girls and I do!! Big was so excited to get one of her own. Didn't even mind when I took down her other toddler bed. Little was still a bit distraught, but I just think Little is at an age where anything changing causes a bit of distress. :)

Perhaps I should take you on a tour around their room sometime this week now that it is done-ish. :)

{And no, I was not strategically withholding anything from you. I was on vacation and withholding my computer from myself!! :) Just in case you were worried.}

Now wasn't that worth the wait??   

xoxo Lori Danelle

Toddler Pallet Bed 2 Completed!

This last weekend I built a second toddler pallet bed for Big Sister! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2 of them together in their room. So stinking cute!! I would like to make one amendment to my previous tutorial though. I take back the part about a sawsall being optional and "could come in handy." Unless you build your own, or somehow, the stars align, fate smiles upon you and you stumble upon the 2 most perfect pallets ever created with nails placed completely out of your way: You're going to need a sawsall with a blade intended to cut metal.  


The pallets I had this time weren't in as good of shape. We focused on trying to find ones with slats that were close together, and since those are a bit scarce where I get mine, I couldn't be too picky! Some of the bracing was cracked on the pallets and so I had to do quite a bit of reconstruction with 2x4s to get the job done. Big was ecstatic to get her new bed! I laughed a little as I tore down her cute, white, store bought toddler bed and replaced it with the new pallet bed. I couldn't help thinking about all the commenters on Design*Sponge and Ohdeedoh who had very little good to say about the bed and what they might think if they knew I replaced a perfectly good bed with this one!! Oh well! My poor little hobo girls don't seem to mind!!

Unfortunately for you, I won't have pictures up until next week as I've been too busy building beds and celebrating the 4th of July this weekend to get any pictures. Plus, we're taking a much needed vacation this week, so while I'm planning some posts to go up during the week, I will not be around. Hopefully you won't notice too much that I'm missing!

Speaking of the 4th of July: FIREWORKS!!!

We took our girls to see the Nashville display. OMG!!! Amazing. Truly. How have I lived here for 8 years and not ever seen them?? Plus, the only thing better than seeing fireworks as a child is seeing them as an adult with your young child.

Big was absolutely mesmerized. Little was hilarious! This was her first 4th fireworks display. She was ooh-ing & aah-ing and every once in awhile she would just let out a scream of delight! Plus she kept holding both her hands out like she was trying to catch them! Too cute! I almost enjoyed watching her face more than I did the fireworks! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

xoxo Lori Danelle

What I Know About Pallets

Since it keeps coming up, I thought I'd just go ahead and talk about it.


Pallets & Chemicals.

Pallets are made in all sort of sizes & materials. But if a pallet is made of wood, there's concern that it may harbor bugs. In order to prevent this, pallets are either treated with chemicals (which apparently scares 1 or 2 people.) (that was a tiny joke. . .) OR the pallet is heat treated.

Both of these methods get the job done and are indicate on the side of the pallet with the IPPC logo. Chemical treated pallets would have "MB" stamped on it, while heat treated pallets are stamped with "HT" Easy enough!!

So when searching for pallets, it's probably a good idea to go with ones that were not chemical treated, but heat treated. And you might want to stay away from food stores as your source for them as well because you never know what sort of rotten food has been sitting on them.

If you like the look, but still aren't sure about a used pallet, you can make one of your own with 2x4s and 1x4s like Jennifer did at The Little Things.

Another option is to buy them new. I'm sure you can do an internet search, but one source is where you can pick your size AND they are heat treated. However, they do have a minimum order of 5 pallets. . ..

So there you go! I don't know much about them, but you now know as much as me!! And again, if anyone gives the bed a try, I would LOVE to see it!

Hope you had a great 4th!!

And Now I'm on OHDEEDOH!!!!

Always fun to see things you worked really hard on pop up on your blog reader!! 

Especially when it's on a site that I admire so much like Ohdeedoh! However, once again, be warned. This site is VERY addicting. Amazing, but addicting. So if you should be doing the dishes, playing with kids, or getting that business proposal done, you might want to check them out a bit later. . . ;)

xoxo Lori Danelle

DIY Toddle Pallet Bed


So I thought I'd share with you how I made Little Sister's toddler pallet bed, because I know you're staking out dumpsters at warehouses and such, trying to get your hands on a couple of pallets so you can make a bed of your own. Right? OK, maybe not that desperate, but still, you're curious. :)

Plus, this will save you from half a dozen trips to Home Depot throughout the duration of the project for supplies you had no idea you needed. ( no, I'm not speaking from experience. . .OK, OK, maybe I did take 5 trips. )

To start you'll need at least 2 pallets, 3 if you're going to need to do any repairs to your pallet — and spare parts are never a bad thing.
The ones I used were 48 x 40 inches and had the slats pretty close together, which is how I achieved the head & foot board. Also, the 40" worked perfectly for a toddler bed, which you'll find out why in a moment.

You will also need:
• 4 – 5 bolts, (long enough to go through 2 widths of bracing when butted up next to each other) washers & nuts
• short wood screws (long enough to go through the slats & into the next board, but not through)
• long wood screws (long enough to go through the bracing and into the next board, but not through)
• one 2x4x10 piece of lumber (longer or more pieces if you need to make any modifications due to different pallet size)
• 5 casters with locks

• palm sander with medium grit sandpaper
• circular saw
• drill w/ bits in sizes for your bolts and potentially the screws, depending on age of pallet, condition of the wood & how prone the wood is to splitting
• socket set
• tape measure
• pencil :)
• T-square

****may come in handy, but may not be necessary, depending on placement of slats & nails****
• hand saw
• sawsall with blade for metal

Have everything??? OK! We're ready to start!!
(please keep in mind that no two pallets are going to be exactly the same. use these instructions as guidelines, and make adjustments where needed. 

Also, I will be referring to the top and bottom boards as "slats" & the 3 center boards as "bracing" so we don't have any confusion)


With your palm sander, sand down all the surfaces to keep your little one from getting splinters. I didn't have to sand a whole lot, just got rid of the rough wood, but kept the character. (Once it was built I did go back and sand portions that would be touched often and thus needed a little more caution)


Toddler mattresses are generally 28" wide. So, to start with, using a circular saw, I cut both pallets to 29", cutting ACROSS the bracing, not with it. That gave me two pallets 29" x 40".

You will have to cut one side of the pallet, then turn it over and cut the other side of slats, as well as each brace from the side. The middle one can be tricky which is where a hand saw can be useful. Also, if you find some nails in your way, a sawsall with a blade for metal, may just be your best friend.


On a flat surface, lay both 20" x 40" small pallets up-side-down, butting up the edge bracings, matching edges as best you can.


With the drill, drill pilot holes for your bolts through the entire depth of both bracings (clamp together, if needed, to ensure alignment). Put in the bolts and tighten the washers & nuts with a socket set.


A typical toddler mattress is 52" long. My pallets were 4.5" tall. So, I then drew a line on the connected pallets at 61" (52 + 4.5 +4.5).

Flip the pallet over and attach your casters at each corner and one in the middle where the 2 pallets come together. If your screws will be close to the edge of a board, or the boards are prone to splitting, drilling pilots will help alleviate splitting.

Of course, good help is always welcome. :)

Flip the thing over and Whoo-Hoo!! You're almost there!!

Next step, head & foot boards.


Using the 29" wide section that you cut off from the connected pallets, flip is up on end, so that the bracing sits on the edge of the bed. Drill pilots holes, then screw into place. Cut a section of 2x4 to stabilize the slats and screw in place a few inches from the top of the slats.

For the foot board, cut two sections from the 2x4, 29" long. From the remaining parts of the pallet, cut the slats into 12" sections and then screw/nail them to the 2x4s on ONE side, aligning with the bottom. Then flip this up on end and place on the end of the bed, leaving space for the final row of slats from the very edge of the bed. Drill pilot holes, then screw in place. Screw/nail the other 2x4 to the slats a couple of inches from the top. (If you do this step sooner, you will need a 90 degree drill in order to be able to screw it in place)

Attach the slats to the other side of the 2x4s.

If adding side rails, repeat the steps for the foot board, cutting your 2x4 to the desired length & only attaching slats to one side. Run a 1x4 across the top to stabilize. Then screw into the pallet. You may need an extra pallet for this step, depending on the type/size of pallet you use.

And there you have it!! One ridiculously cute bed for well under $100!!

If anyone gives this a try, please send pictures!! I'd love to see your interpretations! And let me know if any of the steps don't make sense. I'll try to clear it up for you!!

Enjoy & Happy Building!!

xoxo—Lori Danelle

I also have plans of making another one for Big, as she requested. Hoping to get my hands on more pallets this week & built next weekend, so I'll have pictures for you as soon as I can. We'll see if my instructions change any if I get pallets that are a little bit different. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll be the same — I've already got this way figured out!!


Since it keeps coming up, I wrote a post about Heat Treated vs. Chemically Treated Pallets. Make sure to check it out as it provides some good information!