Taking it Slow

This past weekend I participated in my first show. And of course, I forgot to snap more than a couple of pictures. :)

I am honestly so proud of how Mr. Maker & I did at the show. We try look back on situations like this and be constructively critical of ourselves so that we can do better next time — but I just don't know what we could have done better. I know we'll learn and grow over time, but as far as this weekend goes, I wouldn't change things.

However, we will have bags next time. If I sent you home without one this weekend, I'm sorry. We'll fix that. :) Obviously, prepping for & executing a show takes a lot of work, so on Sunday, we took things nice and slow & got in some great creek stomping time with the girls. I love that we live so near to this tucked away haven. It's really good for the soul.

Please take note of how big this Mister is getting! 

What are you doing to enjoy these summer days and stay cool?

We Got a Dog

I have to be honest. I didn't want a dog. Remember?? I'm busy!! ;) I didn't want anything else to need something from me, because I really don't have much left over to give right now.

However, I have 2 girls. And they've been wanting a dog BADLY. And a husband, who has been wanting a dog a normal amount. So, Mr. Maker decided now was as good a time as any, and I finally caved. Meet Sven. And two incredibly happy girls. (. . .Nooo. . . we're not addicted to Frozen or anything. . .  )


I think he's in danger of being over loved, if that's possible. Especially by Munchkin. As Mr. Maker said, Sven might be her Old Yeller. . . .Minus the rabies and sad ending.


And I will admit, he's melting even my cold, frozen heart. ;)

A Very Serious Question.

Tonight, after lights were supposed to be out, I was in Munchkin's room rubbing her back. (Yes, Nate. I'm a push-over.) I've really come to love these late-night snuggles with her though. She's old enough to carry on a serious conversation & share what's truly on her mind.

Like tonight.
She had a doozy of a question:

I told her that I though most grown-ups get so busy with work and the things they have to do, that they just sort of forget. We talked about that for a little bit & then she offered up a bit of advice that I think we should all take to heart.


Well said, Munchkin. Well said.

xoxo  Lori Danelle

Apple-tastic Birthday Party!

This past weekend we hosted Peanut's birthday party. (I'm trying out a new nickname. . . I'm getting tired of writing Little. We'll see how it goes. . . . )

Originally, Peanut wanted a My Little Pony Party like her big sister, but she wanted AppleJack on the invitation. Once she had decided on AppleJack though, her party planning skills kicked in and she started menu planning: Apple pie, apple sauce, apple cider, apple juice, caramel apples, etc. She said it would be an Apple-tastic Party!! From there, Mr. Maker & I just went with it. Especially as he has an amazing recipe for Pork Chops with a Grilled apple Puree.


She also requested the apple cupcakes I had made previously for her Snow White/Princess party. I'll share how I made them in the next day or two, since I forgot to last time!

The party was much smaller this time around, which was nice. We were able to hang out and talk with our guests around a big table, rather than running all over, trying to talk to everyone — and in the end, not really talking to anyone!


Besides turning 5, Peanut had another huge milestone. She has never blown out her birthday candles. . . she's been too afraid of them. Granted, she had good reason. When she was 1, she didn't have the skill. . . or fear of fire for that matter. She tried grabbing the flame before Papa intervened. The real trouble started 2 days before her own party when she was 2 and another friend caught her hair on fire. The trauma was sealed when a couple of months later another friend burnt her lips. Last year she said she wanted to do it, but then when it actually came to it, couldn't.

So that very concerned face? I didn't just happen to catch her at the wrong time. She's honestly worried. Plus, she doesn't really like having everyone sing to her. I think she'd much prefer being the one who does the singing. ;)

Overall, I'm really pleased with how the day went! We kept it easy, didn't go too crazy with any of the details, and it seems like everyone still had a lot of fun.

See, I'm learning. ;)

xoxo Lori Wilson

A Long Weekend

Today, after being home with either one, or both of the girls for the almost 2 years, Mr. Maker started a new job. With Little Sister starting kindergarten in the fall, the timing is pretty perfect.

So, before Nate wouldn't be home during the day, I took an impromptu vacation and we made a long weekend of it, spending long afternoons at our neighborhood pool, going on a hike, eating ice cream, and doing a whole bunch of nothing-in-particular.

Can I just tell you, that was ridiculously hard for me.

I know, I know. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it. but I guess I'm so used to having so much to do that relaxing and hanging out with my family while at home feels like wasting time. Luckily, I KNOW better, but boy was it hard! And I might have whined a little bit — or a lot — on Saturday about my lack of productivity and having to go to the pool . . . again.

I had it rough, didn't I?


In an effort to appease me, we purchased primer and paint for the kitchen chair re-do project I've been wanting to undertake for awhile now.


I primed one chair by brush last night and have come to realize I won't be fully happy with the outcome unless I spray them.

But we don't have a spray gun.


Yet. . .