Home Tour

Overdue House Tour

Now that the holidays are over and things aren't as crazy, I've been itching to start making our new house, well . . . ours. But as we've undertaken a few very small projects, I've realized that I never shared with you pictures of the Practice House. So, before I get going on the new house, here's some closure to the old. ;) My only disclaimer is that I wouldn't exactly consider this house done in the decorating department. As we knew we would soon be moving, we opted to not spend money on things that may not work in the new house, so if you could keep that in mind, especially when viewing the couch & chairs in the living room, I'd appreciate it! Ha!!

I really wish I could find the pictures of it before we moved in so you could see just how much we did — especially to the backyard, it started as just an empty, unfenced patch of grass. But I can't take any credit for that. Credit there all goes to my wonderfully talented husband!

All-in-all, a good little house, but we are so excited to be moving on & making this new house and community our home.

xoxo Lori Danelle

Big & Little's Bedroom Tour

Another thing that was great about our "stay-cation" was that I got to finish up a few projects I'd been sitting on—all of them for the Sisters' room! So now I declare the room done-ish!!! (I think that's the closest it will ever get. I'm never really done with anything. . .)

First off though, let me thank all of you for the sweet comments and attention because of the pallet beds! It's really fun when something I've made and love is appreciated by others as well!  


Gotta tell you. I LOVE this room.

It's been a work in progress for the last couple of years, and we took a few risks, but I am so pleased with how everything has come together!

The walls are painted in Bird's Egg (benjamin moore paint) which I first saw years ago in a room that Domino magazine featured. I instantly fell in love with it and kept it in my file until the right moment.

The funny thing about my falling in love with this color is that the idea of blue walls make me nervous. No idea why. But they do. I think there's a very mundane, boring blue out there that I'm afraid every blue will wind up looking like.

Also, I don't do light colors. 

White scares me. I'm afraid it will look too clinical or cold. Light colors are just a step away. The year before I got married, I painted my bedroom this lovely, silvery, lavender color. I couldn't stand it. So I traded it in for a very vibrant, in-your-face magenta. It was perfect. I embrace bold, funky color. Neutrals freak me out.

Those magazines where they talk about taking a risk and experimenting with color. . .I have no idea what they're talking about!! But I think I'm coming around. I just painted my kitchen white & love it. I also have plans for my currently peacock blue (the blue was a risk too, but I ended up liking it) living room to try on a stone color. This is my practice house after all!!

Anyway! More of the room!!!


The kitchenette was built by my cousin for the girls and the table and chairs set belonged to my Mom and then me before it made it's way up here.


The only thing that makes me truly unhappy about this room is that ugly air conditioner!!! Absolutely necessary as I prefer not to cook my girls in their sleep in their attic bedroom, but so unattractive! Anyone have or seen ideas on how to cover it while keeping it effective? I haven't come up with anything, obviously!


The dark brown rocking chair was mine as a little girl as well and now belongs to Big.  YiaYia (my Mom) bought Little one for her birthday so she would have one, too.


Cute bunting I made using scraps from the Sisters' quilts and each of their letters which I spray painted. I may do more to them at some point, but right now I like the solid color in that corner of bright, bold & busy patterns. 

I bought these 3 little bird houses at JoAnn's for $1, $1 and $.25!!!! A little spray paint until I decide to get a little more creative . . . if I decide to—again, I'm really liking the solid color. Cheap, easy and extremely cute!!


We bought that little house pillow on our vacation last summer in Eureka Springs, AR at the cutest little shop called Wilson & Wilson folkart co.  Easily could spend a lot of money in that shop! Wait, we did! But it's a good thing it takes 9-ish hours to get to their brick & mortar store! I do better maintaining my composure online than when I'm standing in the middle of it!

I want to make lots and lots of those little houses. A little house pillow village!

When it gets time to move, I'm really going to miss this room! Nate keeps saying that it can be reproduced, so I'm crossing my fingers! Plus, when we do move, I've got this great cast-iron bathtub couch back home that was my Mom's and would look AMAZING in this room! I'd have it up there already, but those old attic room stairs are incredibly steep and that bathtub is HEAVY. Plus, the doorway leading up there only has about 24" clearance and I don't think it would fit!! But as soon as I live somewhere where it will go through the door, it will take a trip from KS to TN!!! :)

xoxo Lori Danelle

Toddler Pallet Bed – Take 2

You've waited long enough, right? The suspense has been properly drawn out and all that super tactical stuff??

OK, Good. Because I want to show you Big Sister's toddler bed!!

I hope you love it as much as the girls and I do!! Big was so excited to get one of her own. Didn't even mind when I took down her other toddler bed. Little was still a bit distraught, but I just think Little is at an age where anything changing causes a bit of distress. :)

Perhaps I should take you on a tour around their room sometime this week now that it is done-ish. :)

{And no, I was not strategically withholding anything from you. I was on vacation and withholding my computer from myself!! :) Just in case you were worried.}

Now wasn't that worth the wait??   

xoxo Lori Danelle