Cupid Poop Valentine's Day Printable!!

Cupid Poo Valentine's Day Treat Bag Printable | Home Again Creative

We take Valentine's Day VERY seriously in our house. 


We would never make jokes on such an austere day. 

Or, maybe we would. But as we truly DO say in our house — Poop is funny, so I guess you can't go wrong with a Cupid Poop Valentine! 

So, if you're done with the sweet & sappy or overly pun-y Valentines, perhaps a Cupid Poop printable is just what you need! 

Just grab some M&Ms or Skittles, 3"x4" clear treat bags (you can find them at your local craft store or here), and download the printable below. Print, cut, and staple, and you're kid will have the best Valentine's of the class! (That IS what we're going for, right??? Just kidding!!) 


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