How to Fix your Squeaky Stairs


It's been awhile since I shared the everyday tips & tricks that I'm doing around my house, but I always enjoyed it, so I thought I'd start it back up.

Plus, you need to know about this. :) 

The master bedroom in our house is right next to the stairs. My daughters and I, particularly in the summer, are night owls. Nate, on the other-hand, is not. This is mostly due to the fact that he gets up around 4:30 am (I have no idea how he does this) to work out and then beat Nashville traffic into work. We love him & all that he does for us!!

Our stairs have always creaked, but recently they've gone to a whole new level making it impossible for anyone to go up or down the stairs without waking our hard-working, but very exhausted man. So the other night, I decided there had to be something we could do. 

Turns out there is. 

There's a brilliant little kit out there called the Squeeeek No More Floor Repair kit that I truly wish I had thought up myself. It's so smart. 

First, you have to find the floor joist, or in my case the saw-tooth looking board running under the stairs called the stringer (no, I didn't know that before this project!) that runs on both sides of the stairs and often the middle using the included joist finding tool. 

I found that mine was 18.5" from either edge, so I measured over on each step and aligned the included depth control tool.


I then used my drill to screw in the specially scored screws with the customized driver bit. 

The depth control tool will case you to stop with the screw head about 1 inch out of the carpet. Never fear. This is on purpose. Just be careful if you're walking around with bare feet! 


This is where the magic happens! 

The depth control tool has a notch that you will then slip over the head of the screw. 


 Simply turn the tool to the side with a little bit of force, and . . . 

 . . . the screw SNAPS OFF JUST BELOW the surface of the wood floor! 

What??!?!?! I told you this was ingenious.  


Crazy easy and because the screw breaks below the surface of the floor, nothing for you to step on or feel on your feet, doesn't mess up your carpet. . . . all-in-all, BRILLIANT. 

In our case, the stairs do still creak some. . . but my daughter literally just ran up the stairs as I'm typing this sentence and I only heard one small pop – which is a million times better than it was 3 days ago! – but I think that it due more to how our stairs were built than to the failure of this product. :) 

So, if you also have creaky stairs, or floor, quit thinking there's nothing you can do about it and go grab this kit. . . and some extra screws. You'll need them. ;)