Let's Doodle Together!! August

A few years ago, I participated in my friend's sketch-a-day challenge. I loved the exercise of getting myself to draw every day & had so many ideas come out of it that I never would have come to on my own. 

I love lettering, but also have been really wanting to push my illustration skills so I decided it was time to jump back into a daily drawing challenge! 

The one problem I ran into with the previous sketch-a-day challenge is that I often let it consume my day & it became more of a "daily-finished-art-piece" than a true sketch. So, I've added some boundaries for myself. I'm calling it a doodle rather than a sketch or drawing, because doodles are fun, quick & not perfect, and I'm giving myself a 20 minute time limit. If it takes longer than that, it's not a doodle & it becomes another project. These are doodles. :) 

Beyond that, the sky is the limit. I can work in color, or not. I can draw on paper, a napkin, or my iPad – which, with my schedule is probably what I'll mostly be doing. It can be an image or words. 

I've love to have you join me in this creative challenge! Gather your art supplies and let's get creative together! Use this list to spark your creativity, but do not feel you have to follow it to the letter. If the prompt is Lemon, but you don't like lemons, draw an orange, or a bicycle. The point is to just get drawing & have fun doing it!! Feel free to set your own boundaries, print out this list to keep the daily prompts handy and be sure to post your doodles on Instagram and tag them #LetsDoodleAugust so we can see each other's work! 

Can't wait to see what we create!!!