Hot Cocoa from Mrs. Claus!!

My ADD brain cannot handle elaborate, perfectly orchestrated holidays full of crafts, baking, and other holiday cheer. 

When I naively suggested we "adopt" an Elf on the Shelf, I had a Pinterest board full of crazy cute ideas and visions of wonder and mirth on my kids faces. Fast-forward to the second week and I was already a pro at reasoning out why our elf, Peppermint, wasn't budging. Who knew that remembering to move a stuffed elf could be so hard! 

I want Christmas to be magical for my girls, but I'm a busy Momma and it cannot happen at the cost of my being stressed out! So while the Elf was a bust, I did create one tradition that I absolutely love because it has all the elements of holiday wonderment I'm going for, but is very, VERY easy! 

Years ago, I decided a fun stocking stuffer for the girls would be hot chocolate, and what would be better than if it came straight from the North Pole and Mrs. Claus's kitchen?? 

Some years the labels I created to re-cover my Private Selection hot cocoa canisters were a bit thrown together, last-minute, but my girls didn't notice. They thought Mrs. Claus's hot cocoa was THE BEST thing ever and looked forward to it every year.  

For a few years now, I've wanted to take some time, do the label up right, and put my lettering and lettering skills to work, creating the beautiful label I had always wanted it to be — and this year was the year! 


And I'm so excited that now you can use it too!! The printable is only $3 and you can print as many as you need, year-after-year. It really is an easy & inexpensive way to add magic to your kid's Christmas morning & create fun memories! 

If you use it, please show me!!! I'd love to see it in action! Tag your photos #homeagaincreative


Lori Danelle