Draw With Me! November Challenge

This past October my friend Lesley at Recipe for Crazy challenged herself to sketch everyday for the entire month and invited those who wanted to join in to share on Instagram using a list of daily prompts that she created. (check out #sketchadaywithLRZ to see all the amazingness that was created in October!!!)

I LOVED the idea, was jealous I hadn't thought of doing it first, but because of my insane schedule, was only able to complete a few of the sketches. 

Well. I'm committed now. 

Lesley begged and pleaded and finally talked me into leading a November sketch-a-day. 
I'm lying. 
She didn't have to talk me into anything. . .  I agreed right away. I mean, how could I not??? 

So, now I'm really excited about it, but also really nervous. 30 days of sketching. Every. Day. 
I sketch a lot already, so I can do this, right? Think you want to join me?? 


If you'd like to join in – and I really hope you do – use this list for prompts on what to draw each day. Then snap a picture and post it on Instagram using the tag #sketchadaywithhomeagain. 

I'm really excited, a bit anxious, but hopeful that the crazy of October is behind me and we can just have a lot of fun with. One thing I know for sure: You are definitely going to get better at something you do every day, so I'm excited to see what we're all coming up with by November 30!