Taking it Slow

This past weekend I participated in my first show. And of course, I forgot to snap more than a couple of pictures. :)

I am honestly so proud of how Mr. Maker & I did at the show. We try look back on situations like this and be constructively critical of ourselves so that we can do better next time — but I just don't know what we could have done better. I know we'll learn and grow over time, but as far as this weekend goes, I wouldn't change things.

However, we will have bags next time. If I sent you home without one this weekend, I'm sorry. We'll fix that. :) Obviously, prepping for & executing a show takes a lot of work, so on Sunday, we took things nice and slow & got in some great creek stomping time with the girls. I love that we live so near to this tucked away haven. It's really good for the soul.

Please take note of how big this Mister is getting! 

What are you doing to enjoy these summer days and stay cool?