We Got a Dog

I have to be honest. I didn't want a dog. Remember?? I'm busy!! ;) I didn't want anything else to need something from me, because I really don't have much left over to give right now.

However, I have 2 girls. And they've been wanting a dog BADLY. And a husband, who has been wanting a dog a normal amount. So, Mr. Maker decided now was as good a time as any, and I finally caved. Meet Sven. And two incredibly happy girls. (. . .Nooo. . . we're not addicted to Frozen or anything. . .  )


I think he's in danger of being over loved, if that's possible. Especially by Munchkin. As Mr. Maker said, Sven might be her Old Yeller. . . .Minus the rabies and sad ending.


And I will admit, he's melting even my cold, frozen heart. ;)