A Serendipitous Day!

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems to be miraculously, not just going your way, but jumping in your lap from out of nowhere to make it awesome?

If you follow me on Instagram (@loridanelle) you'll know I had one of those days a little over a week ago. It all started when my car broke down on the way to work. (I'm serious. My car broke down & it turned out awesome! I know!!) I was about 3 blocks away from dropping the girls off at their Nana's & was heading to work. All of a sudden, it just quit on me. But I was able to get it into a parking lot — and as I was only 3 blocks away from my Mother-in-law's house, I just grabbed all my stuff and walked back. No big deal.

I then texted a couple of co-workers to tell them what was going on, only to find out that due to a work truck hitting a telephone pole right outside our building, we couldn't get to work anyway because of live wires on the ground.

There was a bit of back & forth about how our work day would unfold, but in the end everyone who had managed to get to the building was sent home after being stuck there for a few hours. So, as my car had broken down, I managed to skip out on all of that.

Some other wonderfully random stuff happened as well, but what I'll just stick to what I really, really want to tell you about from here on out. As I was leaving my car I noticed a cute shop I hadn't seen before tucked behind one of the MANY Hair Worlds we have in Nashville. As Hair World is not a store that interests me, I never pay too much attention to the building. Over the door hung the coolest, most perfectly rusted over-sized letters/sign and I just knew I had to stop back in when I got things a little under control.

So later that afternoon I stopped back in. One of the very first things I saw were these amazing tables. Giant wood slab on top of locker bases. I secretly thought that one of those would be PERFECT in our "formal dining room" which we will never use as a formal dining room — because I don't really like to reserve a whole room for 1 or 2 dinners a year, and we're not exactly formal over here. But that's just us.

Instead we use that room as a shipping center/work space. And despite being functional, I really, really, really want to replace the small folding tables we currently have set up in there to help us as we decide what makes the most sense in how we should use that room.

(From experience, I highly recommend going cheap and testing a brand-new function for a room with what you have before you start spending money & buying real furniture or building stuff. I've purchased or built too many things that didn't end up working the way I thought they would!!! But I digress. . . )

Anyway, the tables. I don't think they were for sale, and I didn't bother looking for a price because I knew they would be WAY out of my range. So I accepted my table-less fate and moved on.

A few hours later, I was contemplating my blog post of the day and how I said I would still like more lockers for shoes. I decided to get on Craigslist and see if some of the lockers I had also been eyeing when I purchased mine were still available. I did a search for "lockers" and saw that the same lockers were still available (no, I'm not getting them), but below it I also saw a listing titled "school shop work table." Of course my interest was piqued, I clicked on it, and behold, this is what I was presented with this.



And the best part? It was listed for $100.
For real.

I IMMEDIATELY emailed the listing to Mr. Maker who was still at work and told him he had to go get it. Because he loves me so very much, he called and set up a time to meet with the guy. Meanwhile, I start obsessing a little and discover that to buy this table new, it costs around $3000. And this one was listed for $100! Plus, if you know me, you know that if the old table and the new table were side-by-side & each cost $3000, I'd still pick the old table, so this was just all around perfect. Plus Mr. Maker, master negotiator that he is, didn't pay $100 for the table. He paid $75. And that was after telling the guy he'd give him $80. Yeah. He's that good. So later that evening I welcomed home my new treasure.


As it had previously been in a school's wood shop, it has wood vices on all for corners of the solid, laminated maple top.

And though it doesn't look that bad in these photos, unfortunately, at some point they had been poorly painted with a no-fun grey. So, my next job is to clean them up. I can't wait!!!


So you see, even though my day started out with a broken-down car, none of the following would have happened if it hadn't happened. Plus, what was wrong with the car ended up being an easy fix, so no big deal there either!

Absolutely. Wonderfully.  Serendipitous.