DIY Lockers as DVD Storage

We went through a phase early in our marriage — before Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime — when we figured it was a better use of our money to purchase movies from the Blockbuster previously viewed section than to rent movies.

Often nearly the same price, and we could watch the movie more than one night. We were so brilliant and financially responsible. So now, even though we have gone through a few movie purging sessions, we still have A LOT of DVDs.

At least considering we've never really had a place to put them. In the practice house we kept them in these bins with lids on a shelf. It sort of worked. Except that to get a DVD out we had to figure out which bin the DVD we wanted was in, pull the bin out, get the DVD and then put the bin away. I'm sure you can already spot the biggest problem here. DVDs NEVER got put away. So we had stacks and stacks of them on the mantle below where our TV hung.

When we moved to the new house? The bins came with us, but they just sat on the floor in a stack below the TV. Also with stacks and stacks of DVD cases that never got put away. So, when I purchased my Lockers awhile ago, it seemed like a pretty great solution to my DVD problem. The DVDs can be HIDDEN, but yet EASILY VIEWABLE. Win! Win!

Using the existing shelf as a template for the measurements, Mr. Maker and I cut a bunch of shelves from some plywood we already had on hand, using a table saw.

Then, I used #10 1/2" screws & 1" L Brackets in the existing machine drilled holes for the shelves. This was actually a little time-consuming. Especially since I put the brackets in the first locker before realizing that, of course, the screws used on the interior wall for one locker were the same screws that needed to be used on the adjacent locker. Duh. So I had to take them out and add an L Bracket to the other side of the wall.


Still working on decorating, etc. around them, but I did pick up a globe while on our trip to Bell Buckle especially for the top of the lockers. It makes me happy.


I'm loving them! And sort of wishing I had another set to put in the front entryway by the door for shoes...