A Long Weekend

Today, after being home with either one, or both of the girls for the almost 2 years, Mr. Maker started a new job. With Little Sister starting kindergarten in the fall, the timing is pretty perfect.

So, before Nate wouldn't be home during the day, I took an impromptu vacation and we made a long weekend of it, spending long afternoons at our neighborhood pool, going on a hike, eating ice cream, and doing a whole bunch of nothing-in-particular.

Can I just tell you, that was ridiculously hard for me.

I know, I know. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it. but I guess I'm so used to having so much to do that relaxing and hanging out with my family while at home feels like wasting time. Luckily, I KNOW better, but boy was it hard! And I might have whined a little bit — or a lot — on Saturday about my lack of productivity and having to go to the pool . . . again.

I had it rough, didn't I?


In an effort to appease me, we purchased primer and paint for the kitchen chair re-do project I've been wanting to undertake for awhile now.


I primed one chair by brush last night and have come to realize I won't be fully happy with the outcome unless I spray them.

But we don't have a spray gun.


Yet. . .