Day Trip to Bell Buckle, TN

Have you ever heard of Bell Buckle, Tennessee?

Don't worry, I've lived in Nashville for over 10 years and just heard about it. But, before I continue, why BELL Buckle? I say Bell Buckle, but think Belt Buckle — so why not just name the town Belt Buckle??? What is a bell buckle anyway??? OK, weird name, wonderfully awesome cute town. I think it's made the list of places we could move to. But that's a ways out, so we'll see.


Moving there could be quite dangerous to my wallet and my waistline though. It's a very small town, that has done a great job of keeping themselves appealing to visitors by staying small and having some AWESOME antique stores. And the Bell Buckle Cafe.

While being surrounded by store-after-store of antiques was wonderful, the highlight of my day might have been the chicken fried steak. I'm a country girl at heart. I can't help it. However, I think the Sisters would argue that ice cream from Bluebird Antiques & Ice Cream Parlor was even better.

Apparently quite a few artists live in Bell Buckle, including a mosaic artist, who provided this crazy crustacean for kids to climb on in the nearby town park.


We came home with a good haul, too. I got a globe to go on top of my new lockers. I'll have pictures of what I did with those soon!

I have no idea how much people pay for soda crates elsewhere, but here in Nashville they tend to run $30+ easy. So when I found these RC crates for $12 each — I bought them all. The blue jars will be added to my collection above our kitchen cabinets.


I do love living in Tennessee!! Such a fun day, we'll definitely be going back!

xoxo Lori Danelle