I Have Lockers!!

As an avid Thing-Maker & ReDo-er, I have a list of objects I would love to get my hands on at some point. Lockers have been high on that list for awhile now. Last week, while escaping work – I mean, taking my lunch break, I opted to peruse a nearby antique store for some mental refreshing and came across these fun lockers.


As much as I wanted to take them home with me, the $350+ price tag kept them out of reach. And so, the fire was lit & the search began. Now, as I've said, lockers have been on my list for awhile. I have a habit of getting on Craig's list and searching for lockers — along with whatever I really came there for. I never find them. This week, I found 2 listings!!! (plus a couple of expensive 1-offs) The first seems to be a school that was getting rid of theirs. But no one returned my call.  :( Then 2 days later a batch of 50 sets popped up for half the price of the others! Which allowed me to bring home BOTH of these!!!

You can now picture me doing a happy dance. It's awkward & goofy, but full of joy. Now on to cleaning them (fyi — lockers from random factories get really dirty), adding shelves and moving them to their new home. I happen to like the color, so I won't be doing anything to the paint for awhile, at least. I kind of want to go back for another set. . . must exercise restraint!! I know one set will live up in my studio to store art supplies. I'm still debating on the other set, but am leaning towards dvd storage since ours are currently stacked in bins beside the TV — which I hate.

The only dilemma I have is this: Do I keep the "Made in the USA" sticker? or take it off???

xoxo Lori Danelle