We Have a Loose Tooth!!

This weekend, while tucking Big Sister into bed, she complained to me that she has something behind her bottom, front teeth that's really bothering her. I took a peek and was surprised to see a tooth coming in!

Surprised because Big hasn't lost any of her teeth yet, and though she's made comments that she thought she might have a wiggle-y tooth, she always pointed to a molar, so I wasn't convinced. My first reaction when I saw both the baby tooth and the adult tooth trying to cram its way into a full mouth of teeth, was panic.

Surely, this could only lead to expensive orthodontic bills and braces! But upon further inspection, we quickly realized that the baby tooth was indeed loose and the world most likely was not going to end — OK, so I was the only one who needed reassuring of this. Big's reaction to a loose tooth and new adult tooth? The biggest, longest, most wonderful belly laugh I have ever heard from this kid. She was elated. And then she left a note for her Daddy to tell him the news when he got home.

Awhile back, I had begun thinking about what sort of Tooth Fairy Pillow I would make, and I'm so glad I had! I pulled out the pattern I had been working on and began sewing on the pillow immediately after saying good-night and shutting her door. :)


Behind the door is a cute little pocket, just big enough for a tooth.

I might make a couple of adjustments when I sew the next pillow for Little Sister, but I think Big is happy with it just the way it is.

Now we just need to get that tooth out of her mouth!!!

xoxo Lori Danelle