Birthday Weekend

Sorry I dropped off there for a bit! I was sick and did nothing but sleep for 4 days straight! Then, once the fever finally went away, I spent the next week still feeling very out-of-it and didn't want to do anything more exciting than stare at the wall. Luckily, I recovered in time to spend a wonderfully enjoyable weekend with my family celebrating my birthday. (How can I possibly be 33!?!?) Celebrating at our house almost always means cooking. And I know no food more festive than Mexican fare.

Recently, I had discovered and pinned some recipes for Street Tacos along with a couple of recipes for the salsa to go with them — which, in my opinion, is what makes a good taco — and had been wanting to give them a try, so on Sunday, we did!


Big helped me with the salsas. From experience, I've learned to wear gloves when dealing with any pepper hotter than a jalapeño. I've gotten smart in my old-age.

I'll have to share this recipe with you. It was SOO good! Really easy too. Basically just Arbol peppers & tomatillos. Perfectly spicy & flavorful. Mmmm.

I could eat tacos EVERY. DAY. They make me happy. How about you? What's your ideal birthday meal?