My Little Pony Party – Sort of.

Not sure if I've gotten lazy, given up, realized that parties aren't made more fun by a perfectly coordinating party theme and favors, or a combination of the three. I'm going to go with the latter.


Big Sister's birthday party was this weekend, and though my first inclination when she settled onto a My Little Pony theme for her party was to run to Pinterest and start implementing a board-full of ideas — that my friend had happened to already put together for her own daughter's party — but when it came down to it, I did nothing but a cute invitation (which I texted out to friends) and a cake.


In the week leading up to the party, I think Mr. Maker & my Mom were a little concerned that I'd change my unprecedented, laid-back approach at the last minute & have a night-before-the-party freak-out.

But, I didn't. And you know, the party was still a ton of fun — even without decorations.

We had all the families of Big's friends over, served build-your-own nachos with Mr. Maker's pulled pork, and all hung out while the kids all played.

She requested a rainbow cake again, but specifically asked that I put the colors in order this year. ;) Last year I got impatient and started compiling the layers before they were all done baking, and since I hadn't baked them in order, I put them together out of order as well. Oops.


But I do think a rainbow cake fit in perfectly with the MLP theme. Lucky me. Plus! I'm getting really good at rainbow cakes. Ha!


In the end, I think it's fun to plan and make cute party decorations and favors. . . but only if I really have time. If I don't have time, then those cute party decorations and favors become stressful and do nothing to serve the overall happiness of me & my family. Something I'm trying to keep in mind with all my projects, but particularly need reminding come party time. It's about the people and relationships — not about the Pinterest worthy decor. ;)  (But that cake is pretty pin-able. . . don't you think???)

xoxo Lori Danelle