HOW TO: Mince Garlic

There are more reasons than one to add garlic to everything.

  1. It taste good

  2. It has antioxidant properties (I'm told you need to eat 2 medium cloves a day for health benefits, so put it into everything; pasta, hummus, on toast, sauteed vegetables, everything).

  3. It repels ticks, and vampires.

As stated above research has shown that you need to eat 2 medium cloves per day for maximum health benefits, that's a lot of garlic for an average family of four. In our house we eat that much easy, (if you follow Lori on Instagram (@loridanelle) you know this) but all that mincing can be time consuming if you don't know how to mince garlic quickly. Read on and I'll show you how we mince garlic for dinner every night. Step 1: Remove the clove of garlic from the bulb, and smash it with the side of a sturdy knife.


Step 2 Peel the clove, and cut away hard brown bottom of clove. You'll see that once you remove the garlic's skin, and cut away the hard bottom of the garlic, half of the mincing is already done.


Step 3: Cross cut the garlic to you liking. This is where some of the knife skills I picked up working prep line in a restaurant in college come in handy.  Choke up on the knife, hold the blade with your thumb and index finger, this will give you the most control over the blade. Then holding the cloves with the "claw" cross cut the garlic once. Next, use your non-dominate hand to rock the blade, cross cutting the garlic until you are satisfied with yourself.

Step 4: Gobble up that yummy garlic.

Go slow at first your knife skill will get quicker; chopping takes practice.