New Curtains!

I'm looking forward to a week enjoying my NEW CURTAINS!!!!


Yes, despite Mr. Maker and I both being sick, we finally managed to get these things up! And what do you think of my fancy, DIY curtain rods??

Perhaps not everyone's style, but they are PERFECT for us. I LOVE them so much!


The bright colors are making me so happy! I really don't think there's a more perfect fabric out there for me right now.

I really want to keep our spaces light, open and airy, but I'm a bold, bright color kind-of-gal, so I was craving some loud colors! The curtains completely changed the room. I think I'm going to spend my week sitting on my couch just staring at how wonderful they are.

Yeah right. As if I had time for that. . . or could actually sit still for any length of time!


What I'm actually itching to do now is re-finish our dining room table!

And hang some of the artwork & pictures that have been piling up in our drawers instead of being put on a wall.

Yeah, I'll probably tackle that one before the table. :) 
How about you? What are you exited for this week?

xoxo Lori Danelle