Printable Valentine's Treat Bag Topper

No judging here, but I think making Valentine's is so much more fun than purchasing them, and it's a great opportunity to spend some quality time with my girls. Plus, I think they take a lot of pride in giving their friends something they helped make. Besides, how can I claim to be a "Maker of Things" if I don't make our Valentines???? (You don't realize the pressure & expectations that come along with such a moniker! Ha!) I had considered buying the pieces since I didn't have a lot of time this weekend, but nothing really struck our fancy while we were out. So instead, we bought clear treat bags & some candy, with plans of making & printing tags to go on top.


If I'm allowed to say it, I think they turned out stinkin' cute!

I left plenty of space for my Kindergartner to write out her friends' names and sign her own. She loved that part — systematically checking of the girls and then the boys names. Tomorrow night we will be decorating a box in which to collect her Valentines. We've consulted Pinterest and Big Sister has decided that she would like to make her box look like a mail box. I'm debating how in depth I want to go with this. . .  (I'm telling you! That "Maker" title sets the bar high!! It can be a real curse sometimes.) But, in the meantime, in case you're still scrambling to put together Valentine's for your kids class, I thought I'd share our tag with you. And just because I realize not everyone is going to like the multi colors, I've given you a pink option too. Consider it my Valentine's gift to you. :)

xoxo Lori Danelle

Click the images below for a downloadable pdf file.