It's Done!!! Hand-in-Hand Paper Cutting

I don't think I've ever been this excited to share a new paper cutting with you!!! Course, I don't think I've actively worked on one for so long either.

Please take "actively" to mean as I much as I could squeeze in here & there as a busy Mom with a full-time 9-5 job, Cut Paper fingerprint orders to fulfill at night, soccer games to go to, etc. . .  You understand, right? ;)

It all started about a year ago when I read this post by my friend & jewelry designer, Lisa Leonard. Immediately after reading it, I texted her & asked if I could turn her words into a paper cutting. Thankfully, she said yes, and thus I get to share this with you.


And, as a little extra, I made a time lapse video of the cutting process! As you watch, I have two things to mention: Yes, that's a bathtub behind me, & look for the animal entourage. :) 

I hope you love this piece as much as I do. I've spent a lot of time in my sketch book getting things just right before heading to a big piece of paper, my scanner & computer. The final piece is about 23" x 28", took me a little over 22 hours to cut & I have no idea how many X-acto knife blades!

After the first few I started wishing that I had kept track! Each second in the video is equal to about 10 minutes of work. You can find a 16" x 20" laser cut version of this illustration in my shop.


AND!!! As much as I love this paper cut piece, I decided to take it even further by sharing with you 2 full-color, illustrated variations of it as well!


I have the illustration in my shop as an art print!!!!

Can I just tell you, the canvases look AH-MAZING! I was so, so happy when they arrived. Even the corners on these things are folded oh-so perfectly. I'm kind of a perfectionist about such things. Who would have guessed, right!? ------------------ I really hope you all love this design as much as I do.

Lisa, THANK YOU for being so open in sharing her heart on your blog — AND for making such incredible jewelry (!!!). My girls might be under the impression that she is my personal jewelry designer. . . No idea where they got that from . . .  ;) If you haven't seen her designs yet, prepare to be impressed!

xoxo Lori Danelle