Hello Monday

This weekend I decided that the house needed a little Valentine's Day love.

I also decided that these two needed a craft project.

So I broke out the ole' melted Crayon between sheets of wax paper craft and was deemed the "Coolest Mommy!" Go me!  :)

By the way, don't forget to put paper under and over your wax paper when ironing. The crayon wax has a tendency to ooze out the sides. I remembered, but still got red crayon wax on my iron. ;) But just a tad. Also, please ignore the wall that is still only partially painted. We'll get there. Maybe.

I finished sewing my Christmas present fabric into curtains this weekend as well!!! I've purchased supplies to make my curtain rods so that I can hang them, but that's as far as I got.

I seem to be un-capable of just going to the store and purchasing something that is already made, finished and ready to be used. That's just how we roll in our house. We like to make things difficult.  ;)

So, hopefully by next weekend I'll actually have new curtains to go with my snazzy V-Day decorations. Fingers crossed!! What have you got planned for the week?

xoxo Lori Danelle