My Perfect Christmas Present

For Christmas, I received the one and only present I asked for — and that was it!! Ha! Believe me though, this one present was honestly the only thing I wanted.

Wait. I should make a small disclaimer here before my husband gets mad at me. I did also get a trip to Disney World for Christmas, but since it happened over Thanksgiving and wasn't wrapped and under the tree, I'm choosing to not count it for purposes of this story. :)

Anyway, my present. The best present ever, I should say. Fabric.

I spotted and fell in love with Waverly's Santa Maria fabric in Desert Flower a couple of months ago when flipping through a Land of Nod catalog and saw it on an upholstered headboard. I knew almost immediately that it would be the perfect curtain fabric for the 3 windows in our family room/kitchen area. The price, however, was more than I could typically bring myself to spend. Thus, I decided to ask for it for Christmas.

Before leaving for Las Vegas, I HAD to get started on the curtains. You know the feeling, right? I'm making 6 tab-top style curtains. Before I left, I managed to get the tabs done.

I've now been home a little over 48 hours and have been so busy catching up with my girls and husband — and doing laundry — that I've been ignoring that nagging little voice asking me to sew some more. But I have a feeling by this weekend I will have caved and gotten some substantial work done on them. I'm so excited!!

xoxo Lori Danelle