Me & Taylor Swift

Oy. I got back yesterday from a week in Vegas.
For a trade show with work. Don't get too excited.

I did have my very first limo ride though. 3 co-workers and I took a limo from the airport after being assured that all our luggage would fit into the trunk.
It did not.
So the driver pulled out bungee cords and strapped the hood down. Nice. Just how I envisioned entering Vegas.

I also had a stomach bug for two days, so in the end, all I can really say about Vegas is that I really enjoyed the food. Luckily, the flu didn't keep me from enjoying that beyond the two days or I might not have too much to say about the trip! I am absolutely not a Vegas-kind-of-girl. :)

I came home to something fun though. The January edition of Cosmopolitan Australia.


I had no idea I was cool enough to be in Cosmo, but a few months ago they contacted my about my bunting tutorial & they were kind enough to send me a copy of the issue it appeared in.

Between Las Vegas, a limo ride, and being in Cosmo with Taylor Swift, all the glamour is likely to go to my head. I suppose it's lucky that I have a 4- and 5-year old to bring me back to reality! Happy Monday!

xoxo Lori Danelle