I Get to Live Here!!

We've been in our new house for almost 6 months now. But it wasn't until the weather got warm that we were really able to enjoy the neighborhood we've moved to.

The development we live in is outside a suburb of Nashville —but the development itself is in the country! After living 5 minutes away from downtown Nashville, this makes me very, very happy! There are cows & horses EVERYWHERE! Rolling hills, big southern barns (both new and falling over) & fields of yellow clover. 


However, one of the very best parts is the creek that runs alongside our neighborhood. (Which, incidentally, the county/city(?) is currently putting a Greenway in beside that will connect to a much larger Greenway!!!!!)

This past weekend Nate's Dad and his wife came over to hang out & brought their dog, Harper, whom we dog-sat for over Christmas. The creek was one of Harper's favorite places, so we had to take a walk down there. 

Pardon the photo overload from here on out. As you'll see, we had fun. ;)

Almost daily, as I'm driving home from work or watching my girls play with all the neighborhood kids, I think to myself, "We are so lucky! We actually get to live here!" I don't think I've ever loved where I live more. I feel so blessed.  :)

. . . Now we just have to get that empty, cookie-cutter house decorated. . .

xo Lori Danelle