DIY Candy Corn Bean Bag

Last week Mr. Maker shared with you how he built the boards for a bean bag toss that we used at the Fall Carnival. Today I'm going to show you how I made the bean bags that go with it. I loved the idea of making them look like candy corn — that way the kids could "feed" the pumpkin and the ghost! 

For 4 bean bags, you'll need 

6" strip of white fabric
6" strip of yellow fabric
6" strip of orange fabric
6" strip of canvas fabric
coordinating thread
bag of beans
Download Template


You'll start with three stripes of white, yellow, and orange fabric. At stores like JoAnn's you can get as little or as much as you'd like cut, whereas non-chain stores will probably have a minimum cut of an eighth of a yard. However, I wouldn't trust JoAnn's to cut the fabric straight, so I always get more than I need. Cut the white & yellow fabric into 3" wide strips the entire width of your fabric, and the orange fabric into a 2.5" strip.

Pin your white & yellow fabric together. Sew with a .5" seam allowance. Pin the orange fabric to the yellow fabric & sew, again with a .5" seam allowance. Iron, pressing all seam allowances the same direction.


Sew the whole strip to canvas, for extra support. I figured that since these things were going to be thrown around, we'd better be safe than sorry! I started on the white edge and sewed .25" from the edge. Then, because I pushed the seam allowance toward the yellow strip, I edge-stitched 1/8" from seam, on the yellow side. Repeat for the orane section, and then again .25" from the raw edge of the orange strip.


I transfered the template to chipboard so that I could trace around it better, but that's not necessary. You can just cut out the template from a sheet of paper. Align the bottom of the template with the bottom of the orange strip. Trace around it with a fabric pen. Flip the template, align the edge of the template with the edge you just drew and trace again. Repeat all the way across your fabric.

Yes, I realize that some of the "candy corn" will be up-side-down, but my dislike for wasting fabric won-out over my dislike for things not being correct! :)


With a ruler and rotary cutter, if you have one, cut along the straight edges. Then, cut the curves of the corners with scissors.

Match orange bottomed triangles with orange bottomed triangles, and white with white. Place with right-sides together and pin.

Sew together, using a .5" seam allowance, starting and stopping on the red dots from the template. Starting and stopping in the same place, zig-zag around the raw edge. Clip the curves, if you wish.

Turn the bean bag right-side-out.

Fill with about 1/2 cup of beans. Add or take away until it meets your desired fullness.

Fold the opening inside the bean bag and pin shut. Typically, I'd tell you to hand-stitch them closed, but because these are bean bags and not a throw pillow — and I was going for speed over aesthetics, I just went ahead and sewed them shut with my sewing machine. Not that noticeable on the white fabric, and had I had orange thread on hand, I would have used that on the orange bottoms. But I promise, while using them at the carnival we heard lots of exclamations on how cute the bean bags were, and none about the fact that I had machine sewed them shut! Whew!

Now isn't that just crazy cute!? And just in time for all the Halloween festivities coming up!

xoxo Lori