Overdue House Tour

Now that the holidays are over and things aren't as crazy, I've been itching to start making our new house, well . . . ours. But as we've undertaken a few very small projects, I've realized that I never shared with you pictures of the Practice House. So, before I get going on the new house, here's some closure to the old. ;) My only disclaimer is that I wouldn't exactly consider this house done in the decorating department. As we knew we would soon be moving, we opted to not spend money on things that may not work in the new house, so if you could keep that in mind, especially when viewing the couch & chairs in the living room, I'd appreciate it! Ha!!

I really wish I could find the pictures of it before we moved in so you could see just how much we did — especially to the backyard, it started as just an empty, unfenced patch of grass. But I can't take any credit for that. Credit there all goes to my wonderfully talented husband!

All-in-all, a good little house, but we are so excited to be moving on & making this new house and community our home.

xoxo Lori Danelle