Found out something fun!

This last week I've been spending a lot of time at Hatch Show Print as my company is working with them to make a poster to help raise funds for Nashville Flood victims. It's fun to be there because about 5 years ago, I actually worked there as an intern and was able to be part of the designing and printing of the posters using the amazing art form of letterpress.

This time around however I found out something REALLY cool!!

I'm published!!!


I guess a couple of years ago one of the posters I did, which was part of a special series we were commissioned to do, was printed in the book New Vintage Type. This is Brad, who still works at Hatch and was one of the poster's creators as well. He is also the designer doing the new flood relief poster for us (with the most minuscule amount of my input). :)


My poster is the brown & red one on the right that says "Honky Talkin.'" (We were provided the text. . .)


And now I feel the need to explain the purpose of these posters just a bit, because that copy is quite cheesy. . .

They were a promo piece for a major paper company. We printed on different types of paper that they were highlighting and each poster then had copy that played on the paper. So thus the really crazy/strange copy.

Anyway, I'm published and that's really fun.

(At one point that poster was hanging up at the Nashville airport as well, but I didn't see it the last time I flew, but as I had my hands full with luggage and 2 kids, it really didn't seem like a good time to go looking for it. But if you happen to fly into Nashville & see it, let me know!!)

That's all. :)


. . .seems like I should be able to get a free book or something. . .